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New HP tower with AMD A6, Radeon HD 6530d video card with two dvi-d dual link outbound ports, running Windows 7 Home Premium x64d: trying to connect the following two monitors, both have a dvi-d dual link inbound port- a new HP with native resolution of 1600x1200, and the other is an older Samsung (year 2004?) native resolution 1600x1028, upgraded all the Radeon HD 6530d drivers, etc from the AMD/ATI website, also have all the latest Microsoft updates from their website. I need to locate updates, etc for the Samsung.

Currently, I have only two dvi-d single link cables. The new HP monitor will work, regardless of the computer video card outbound port it is connected to, and whether the Samsung is connected or not. On the other hand, the Samsung will NOT work regardless of ANY combination used or not used. The Samsung will only blink for a ms now and then!

I assume I will need two dvi-d dual link cables, and probably the latest Samsung updates.

Once all this is in place, may I expect to be able to run two monitors with different native resolutions? Or, will I need two monitors with the same native resolutions?

Do they need to be identical monitors for any purpose?

Thank you for your input! Bob
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  1. I am currently running two monitors , one is a 30" at a native resolution of 2560x1600 and the other is a LG 27" at a native resolution of 1920x1080 and they both have a DVI-D dual link cable connecting them. The video card is a GTX 580 and I know that in the Nvidia control panel I had to enable a two monitor setup and then select a primary monitor. But they are different brands , different resolutions and different sizes so in your case it may be just a need to enable the two monitor setup ?
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    Dualink DVI is not needed at resolutions at or below 1920x1200. you are fine. clearly the Samsung monitor just doesn't work. Have you tried if on another PC?

    There are also DVI analog only monitors. Since the Samsung is so old its possible. If that's the case a DVI-D cable wont work since the analog pins are missing. What's the model?
  3. Thank you to everyone for their input and help, it is MOST APPRECIATED!

    After reviewing the details, I decided to purchase a second identical HP monitor easily eliminating the current issues, and hopefully any future issues, when using two monitors in a variety of ways. The Samsung was just too old and not compatible, which would require work arounds (and luck) to make it perform as required, but was/is a great monitor.

    Again, Thank You everyone!

    PS This is a GREAT service and website! I am very pleased to have found it.

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