can you tell what it is?

Hi Guys
Mushkin sent me the wrong freakin ram.
I purchased 128mb pc133 rev.3 in Feb
Ordered another 128mb of same couple days ago.
Paperwork matches what I got in Feb. , but this is obviously not the same.
Can you tell what it is?
Its shorter height wise
(dosnt have the circuitry between the chips and the pins that my original has)
Says rev 1 on bottom.
Hope they arent planning on getting it back.
Ill be damned if Ill pay shipping for their screw up.
Actually, they should send me 256mb to make amends

So what the hell do I have here?
Any guesses?


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  1. Umm...I'd guess you have rev 1?

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
  2. LOL :)

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