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Graphics cards have GDDR5 VRAM for running the graphics of games (managing the pixels, correct me if I'm mistaken).

What do APU's use? Do they have a decent amount of VRAM built onto them or do they just rely on your normal DRAM? I saw an article on anandtech (or it was a Linus vid...) on how having high frequency ram really affects an APU's fps performance in games. Is this because APU's rely on your normal DRAM?
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  1. They rely on normal system RAM. Which is exactly why you would want to use faster system RAM than usual, because DDR3 has so much less bandwidth than GDDR5.

    By the way, the VRAM is DRAM too. Today VRAM just indicates it's RAM reserved for graphics/video, DRAM indicates the (broad) type of RAM. DDR3, GDDR5, system RAM and VRAM are all DRAM in practice.
  2. APUs rely on system RAM, but some computers/motherboards allow the OCing of the RAM to overcome most of the bandwidth limitation.
  3. You want fast RAM for AMD's APUs. The higher the clockspeed, the better the performance can be.

    Intel's IGPs generally do not benefit from faster RAM. At least the Intel HD 3000 didn't. I'm pretty sure the Intel HD 4000 does not as well.
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