Ivy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge

What is the difference between Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge?
Is it better to go with i7 Sandy Bridge or i5 Ivy Bridge both at 3.4GHz.

What is best for gaming between the two?
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  1. Ivy Bridge will unlock PCI Gen 3, and if you're going for a newer GPU (GTX 670, Radeon 7870, etc) then it will make more sense to get the i5-3570K.
  2. No noticeable difference in gaming. You don't need a monster CPU for gaming, most games are fine with mid range and even low end CPUs.

    As far as the differences, Ivy Bridge is about 5%-8% faster clock for flock than Sandy Bridge. It also enabled PCIe 3.0. No, PCIe 3.0 won't give you better performance than 2.1. Less than a 1% difference in performance, the cards just don't need the bandwidth yet.
  3. Ivy Bridge is more power efficient. It'll keep your case cooler and quieter.
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