Will disabling GPU and device manager harm my ATI 7870?

I want to run an em radiation simulator HFSS 13. I dont know its due to driver problem or something, but it does not start as soon as I install the ati 7870 driver. If change my main display from external GPU to onboard, it starts fine and then I can change my main display and run it with GPU. The software is not GPU demanding. I want to ask that if I disable my external GPU from the device manager, for the time I use the software, can it harm my GPU due to frequent disabling. Please help
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  1. Thanks for reply. I have updated to newest driver and reinstalled software many times. I have found the solution though temporary, if I change my video output to onboard (just for starting the software) and then revert back to GPU display (which can easily be done in ATI catalyst ) the software works fine till I close the software.
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