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Is the CPU for MSI GT Series GX60 1AC-021US laptop replaceable? I'm hoping to install i7 instead.
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  1. http://www.msimobile.com/level3_productpage.aspx?id=381
    It comes with AMD cpu you can't change from AMD to Intel like that.
    Next time please read the specifications before buying a laptop.
  2. First no you an't upgrade to an I7. As unreal has already pointed out your computer uses an AMD socket and you can't put an Intel CPU into an AMD socket. As for weather or not you can upgrade at all I would say probably not. The A10 is pretty much the highest-end APU you can get. There really is nothing else to "upgrade" to. I would say your stuck with the A-10 and as unreal said next time look at the specs.
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