Textures look strange after catalyst update.

Hello, I have a Radeon 4300/4500 series (that's what it says on dxdiag) graphics card and after I have updated my catalyst control center the textures on the 3 main games I play (LoL, WoW and Skyrim) look strange, here are some pictures of wow
I haven't overclocked my card or anything and it's around 50c idle and 70c while I'm on games.
I will upload some from Skyrim and LoL if needed but they are similiar.
Also I sometimes have strange text too, it clips and looks like a different language and stuff, I will provide screenshots if it happens again.
thanks :kaola:
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  1. looks like its missing textures, running out of vram probably. i would suspect that the default settings in CCC have changed with the new driver. either tinker with settings or load the older driver back on.
  2. Texture corruption may happen from driver update. So read release note on that driver. Corruption will be listed in known issue if any.

    I also got texture corruption from CCC 12.2 in skyrim. So i rolled back to previous one. But new driver fix that issue(12.3/12.4). You may try roll back driver to previous one or install latest one. Which driver are you using now?
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