Help with designing a computer for all aspects of game development.

Approximate Purchase Date:
Within 1 month
Budget Range:
Shooting for $1,500 per machine, $2,000 would be ok (building 2).
System Usage from Most to Least Important:
Game Development applications:
Unity/C4 engines
Visual C++ 2010 Express
Parts Preferences:
High Quality, do not have to be "pretty."
Would like to be able to add a 2nd CPU to each machine in the future.
I lean towards Nvidia chipset cards just due to being more familiar with them.
Would rather go with air cooling at the moment.
Capable, but not going to at the moment
SLI or Crossfire:
Capable, not going to at the moment
Monitor Resolution:
at least 20" and 1920 by 1080, 24" would be amazing.
Additional Comments:
Don't worry about keyboard and mouse, we've got those figured out (lol).

Thank you!
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    heres my take on the system. im not too familiar with the programs you are using. if you are thinking about using a quadro card from nvidia, i would just get the 580 that i included. if the programs do not require compute power or double percision compute, get yourself a gtx670

    if you want faster boot times and load times, id suggest getting a crucial m4 128gb SSD and store your os and your programs on it.
  2. I've been messing around with most of the programs on a computer with an i72670QM 2.2ghz, 12GB of RAM, and a geforce gtx 560M 3GB card and haven't had any issues whatsoever except intial loading of the Unity IDE can take a bit of time. I haven't really delved into rendering and major code compiling with these tools yet though.
  3. you have one of those asus ROG laptops right? if you have the 17inch, you can put a SSD as your boot drive and it should make everything load faster. theres space for 2 hard drives.

    if not, you can buy a SSD and clone the hard drives. then you can install the SSD and BAM you get fast load times
  4. I have one of those yes, but I wanted to keep it for personal gaming/browsing etc. I do like the system you laid out though! Love the basic case especially (my cats go after shiny lights...).
  5. After reviewing the options needed and starting with the base provided by TheBigTroll. I've decided to go with one of the following setups:

    (overkill? Probably :) but never a bad thing right?)

    Thank you for your help and guidance!
  6. 32gb of ram is overkil. just get one set of 2x8 and when you figure out you need more, just pop in another set. nothing right now uses 32gb of ram
  7. Ok, I'll agree there, now to just find the perfect monitors for blender (similar to 3dsmax) and photoshop. I think i'll have to take my partner down to best buy so they can see how a 24" ultra high quality monitor would probably be more useful to them (the main graphics person) than a 27" medium quality monitor (more useful to me, the code guy).
  8. Get a 2560*1600 monitor. ;)
  9. LoL, I'd love that, but its just a bit much *droool*
  10. You can get these monitors from this Korean company, its called the Yamakasi Catleap or something, they use the same LED panel as Apple does in their line of Cinema Displays, They run for about $350, I'd put in the extra $50 for the zero dead-pixel guarantee. :)
  11. Holy poop Batman! That's an awesome lead :) Thanks!
  12. if you get a 1600 monitor, you might want to hop for a 680 or a 7970. 670 still does the job fine
  13. I'd recommend the XFX power supply over the OCZ. I really like my Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 1TB drives, so I second your choice there.
  14. if you get the seagate drives, get the 1tb 64mb cache one. thats the one with only one storage platter and the newer model
  15. Ok, v3.0

    I'm very happy with the price/performance ratio I'll be getting here. (the 2tb was $20 more than the 1tb, so unless there's some major flaw with the 2tb, more is better when it comes to working with code/models/etc.).

    I tried to pick the same Seagate you were using for the 1tb model.
  16. yep thats the right one.

    you are good to go.
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  18. wait a sec. the v7900 firepro card might be better for you. it has much more compute power but i dont know if your programs support OpenCL.
  19. i will look into that right now, hopefully its just in plain "english" :)
  20. it doesn't look like current versions do, and only one of them is working on integrating it (gimp) that I can tell. We had to switch engines to UDK, and the current version (3) does not seem to implement it, and all info about 4 is pretty much under massive wraps right now, so, I'm going to stick with the 670 card.
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