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Hello. I recently built my first computer with help from my brother who had already built one. we put it together and i installed windows. every thing seems to be fine but sometimes it will freeze or restart on its own. This usually happens when i try to play a game but it does happen when im not playing any games too. i can play for a couple of minutes fine then the computer just restarts. all the driver are up to date. Please help me out with this i have no idea whats wrong with it. Thanks.

my computer specs:

AMD A8-3870k 3.0 ghz
Asus F1 A75-V Pro motherboard
Corsair Builder Series CX500 500 watt
G. Skill RipjawsX 4gb x2
WD Caviar Black 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"
Rosewill Ranger ATX Mid tower
ASUS 24X DVD Burner
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  1. First of all, please try a couple things for me.

    First, install a program called HWmonitor. Write down what your CPU temps are. Next, try reseating the CPU and reapplying the thermal paste with a small rice grain size dab (restarts could be due to CPU overheating). Look to see in HWmonitor if your CPU temps are lower.

    Second, right click on "my computer", go to properties, go to advanced settings, and the on the tab listed "advanced" go to "system startup and recovery". Then uncheck "automatically restart" and "write an event to the system log". This way, if it ever restarts again, it will show a BSOD with a Windows error code. You can then look up this code and determine what the problem is. I'm on a Vista computer at the moment, so it may be slightly different in windows 7.

    If the first suggestion doesn't help, the second one might give you at least an idea of what could be wrong. Another possibility could be that the power supply you have might be having some issues. If we can't get this figured out with the above ideas, the power supply is probably next in line as the most likely culprit IMO.
  2. It's not overheating. I've reapplied the thermal paste and reseated the CPU and the highest temp while playing a game was 45 C. I did what you said to get the BSOD when it restarts but when it does restart im not getting it.

    Also it will sometimes restart right after i log in or it will freeze after i log in and when it freezes i will get these red dots that are in vertical lines across the screen.
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