Do i need a sound card for an audio interface to run?

Hi guys, i have a question. Currently, my rig will not produce any sound at all from any of the ports. Because my sound card broke. Can i replace it with an audio interface or do i need an audio interface and sound card?
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  1. Removing the sound card and then removing any drivers (you might not even have to do that) for it should enable your on-board ports to work - or is this a laptop?
  2. If its not a laptop you could try going into device manager and disabling the sound card, this should force the mother boards own default (onboard) sound card to take over.

    As soon as you can remove the broken card and drivers (correctly).

    On a laptop things would be harder to correct, one option which may work would be to disable you sound card (same as before), then buy and install a USB card/plugin, this would give you back your sound, but would stick out and be prone to damage.

    Or use your express port to install a sound card (much more secure).

    Also depends on the type of USB eithe USB1, USB2 or USB3.
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