Computer Damaged after Overheating?

I had to move my computer recently, and after I setup my computer at a different place in my house, it shut off during start up. I tried again, and the same thing happened. I tried switching cables and outlets and still the same thing happened. Eventually, I looked inside my computer (which i should have done the first time) and noticed my CPU's heat sink wasn't touching the CPU. So, the problem was that it was overheating. I reattached it and it worked fine.

Later that day, however, I realized it was acting strange. When ever I streamed videos on YouTube or other sites, the video would lag terribly when I hovered my cursor over a link on the page. Later, I also noticed, whenever a notification popped up from my system tray, like from Skype, my entire computer would lag while it was up there. Also, my USB condenser microphone, when ever I plug it in, would not work and sometimes even crash my computer. None of this started happening until it overheated.

So my question is, is this definitely a hardware problem or could it be a software problem. If it is a hardware problem, what all will I have to replace.

My Build:
OS: Windows 7 premium 64-bit
Processor: Intel i7
Memory: 6144MB
Video Card: EVGA geforce gtx 580
HD: 1 TB WD black caviar
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  1. If you reattached the heat sink without cleaning off the old thermal paste and reapplying new paste, your CPU is probably still running hotter than it should.

    Download coretemp and/hwmonitor and see what your temps are.
  2. IT says all the cores are running at about 70-77 degrees Celsius. I honestly have no idea what its supposed to be at, but that seems high to me :|
  3. Assuming that value is with no load, that's extremely high, and probably your problem. My guess is that you need new thermal compound for your CPU heatsink.
  4. I got help cleaning off the old paste and adding new paste, and its running about 7-10 degrees cooler than before, and my computer mostly seems back to normal. My games no longer lag and things load faster, however the problem with the YouTube videos lagging whenever I hover over a link on that page still happens, but everything else is fixed. The temp still seems like its running a bit high to me but that's probably due to the fact that I'm still using the stock heat sink (my bad). Today I'm going out to pick up a better one.

    Thanks for your help!
  5. If it's an Intel stock fan relying on pushpins to keep the heatsink tight to the CPU, they don't have a great reliability record...go for one that bolts through to a baseplate on the bottom of the mobo...
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