Pci card wont work

I have an msi Z77A-GD65 motherboard and new ivy bridge processor (i7 3770k) with 16 gb of DDR3 RAM and a 700w power supply.

Cant seem to get my graphics card to work which is a pny quadro fx1800. Only uses on board graphics.

Tried a friends radeon card and it worked fine?

any help appreciated

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  1. check for bent pins in the pci slot and on the card. where all the power plugs plugged into the card and was is spinging?? with on board video did the card show up in device managers?? if it did on some boards you have to switch what video adaptor you want first.
  2. Does it work in any of the other PCI-E slots?
  3. still not worked smorizio-graphics card doesnt even show-took it to shop and tested it with various nvidia cards-only one old nvidia card worked as does radion cards?

    one guy said nvidia does not work that well with the corsair RAM that I installed-and also suggested a firware update of vbios.

    and my card does not work in any of the pci express 16 slots. When I get an answer folks I will be sure to post it. As judging by the number of nvidia cards that didnt work it could be a serious conflict that people need to avoid. I am going to chuck the parts at the supplier "aria" and let them sort it out. Checked my cards on another machine and they all work fine.
  4. Oh and the card was on it doesnt need additional power supply-I am bemused!
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