Can i upgrade new graphic card in my laptop

hi dear mates
i want to know that can i update new graphic card in my sony vaio laptop
model: fw292c1
core 2 duo 2.4
4 gb ram
512 mb ati mobility radeon hd 3650
i am big pc game lover
please help me which card is best or compatible with my system
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  1. It is not possible to change graphics cards in laptops.
  2. Well that's not entirely true. It's not possible in 99% of laptops and not practical in the remaining 1% :p
  3. Replacing the graphics card is basically impossible to do for the vast majority of laptops. That's because the graphics card is soldered into the laptop's motherboard. Only certain gaming laptops ($1,500+) may allow you to upgrade the graphics card. Sony does not sell any gaming laptops.
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