Multiple monitors and 7850

i am about to order a radeon 7850 (either the asus, sapphire or xfx cant decide which one) and had a question about eyefinity. do any of these come with the adapters necessary for 3 monitor eyefinity? i cant find anything with info on this. i have three monitors with hdmi and dvi cables and just wondering if i will need extra adapters or if it works out of box.


also anyone have a preference on which 7850 runs the best?
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  1. Only the HD 7970/7950 are bundled with the Active MINI DP to DVI/HDMI adapters.
    You'll have to purchase and Active DP to DVI or HDMI adapter which will cost around $30

    I like Sapphire, Also the Asus DC II is great & the MSI TF II as well.
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