GPU Voltage in bios

My computer keeps restarting at "Starting Windows" with no sort of BSOD even when auto restart is disabled.

Looking in my BIOS I see that all other components have power going to them, but it says the GPU is at 0.000 V.

Is this a problem? Does the GPU not get power until Windows starts? The fan on the card is spinning so I know its getting some power.
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  1. I don't know what voltage the BIOS is referring to but this is almost certainly not the cause of your problem. As a first step if running Windows XP I would enter recovery console and perform chkdsk /r If windows 7 perform the startup diagnostics.
  2. Did not work unfortunately, still the same problem
  3. use this when windows work you will see in vddc the power that your graphic card use
  4. It is just AI suit and the CPU you are using, i owned the Maximus IV Extreme-Z board for little over a year now with the i5 2500k, never had the issue, just installed a 3570k and the issue started, remove ai suite all together... not the best answer but it is not like ai suit is the best anyways.
  5. Thought I would come back and update this. Turned out a stick of RAM was faulty. I tried starting while swapping out each stick one by one and finally found the one which wasn't working.
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