560 Ti stuttering

I've just formatted the computer and installed the latest drivers, but I'm still having the issue I had before. Every couple seconds, games will stutter. The framerate drops noticeably for less than a second. It's pretty annoying and I don't see any solution for it. Just formatted, newest drivers installed. No idea what's happening.
This sort of goes back a while. I used to have an Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU. The computer was having problems, so in December I installed a new one (Corsair TX650W). Come back from school in spring, this stuttering issue comes up. Makes most games unplayable. Get back from school again a couple days ago, issue is still there. And then the power supply burns out. I thought it was just the power supply. I put in the old power supply for now, format, and same issue. No difference.

Intel E8400 (3.0 ghz)
Asus P5G41T M LX
Corsair XMS 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 PC3 12800
EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb
Windows XP Home 32-bit
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  1. You have windows 32 bit which means you have less than 4gb of ram installed or available. It could be that theres not enough ram and it causes stuttering, I had a similar issue myself, I fixed this by reformatting to the 64 bit version and i started running gamebooster 3 which ended up fixing my problem :D
  2. I had 4 gb (XP can only recognize 3.5, but that's still 1.5 gb more than right now) and the issue was the same.
  3. Snacks289 said:
    I had 4 gb (XP can only recognize 3.5, but that's still 1.5 gb more than right now) and the issue was the same.

    You would be surprised, if your gameing that .5 counts because your applications could be hogging some memory thats why I recommend using Gamebooster 3 it's free and it works
  4. Also you will want to overclock your cpu. You are actually getting a bottleneck, if you alt ctrl del when playing an intensive game like BF3, you will see both your ram and cpu topping out.
    I had an E8500 that did this.
    Add more ram and overclock your cpu , you will find this will elleviate your stuttering. Once your 560ti's vram gets slaughtered it will attack your system ram and therefore give you stuttering.
  5. It's 4 years old and I don't have any thermal paste sitting around, so I really don't think overclocking it is a good idea. I'd rather just get a new one, but then I would probably need to get a new motherboard too. Like I said, I had 2 sticks of RAM in when I was getting the stuttering. I removed one just to see if anything was wrong with the RAM, but it seems to have made no difference. All I can do right now is hope my old video card still works for a bit.
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