Video card or flat panel HDMI is!

After last weeks storms my monitor is not working in hdmi mode. It seems to funcion when I plug it in via VGA cable. How do I know if it's the monitor or the video card?

Lg monitor, nvidia GeForce 9800 gt card.

I DO NOT have any other flat screens or HDMI devices in my home with which to test either device. What do I do?
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  1. I don't think there is anything you can do. When you first pluged the HDMI cable in when you first bought your monitor or your card and decided to go with HDMI. What did you have to do then to make it work?

    Maybe if you follow those steps you might be able to get it to work again. If your card is dead then you would not get anything to your monitor and if your monitor is dead then the VGA cable would not work as well.

    It might be something burned out on the HDMI or the HDMI cable went bad. With out anything to test it with not to much you can do about it for now. Just use the VGA untill you can figure things out and I wish you good luck on this.
  2. How can a stationary cable 'go bad'?

    I think I can get one and test, but im curious.
  3. agdodge4x4 said:
    How can a stationary cable 'go bad'?

    I think I can get one and test, but im curious.

    They just do all the time and factory problem in the connections a little static cause it to come apart. There are a lot of ways for it to go bad. When you test a new one then you will know for sure.
  4. Its not the cable. Just got one and tested...still nothing. Sucks. Wish I could tell if it was the panel or the card. I can't imagine EITHER working at all if its not putting out HDMI.

    Seems to me if it fried the HDMI part, the DSUB part would also be wrecked...and clearly, it works.
  5. did you check with another graphic card with same monitor
  6. No, that's the problem. I have ONE card with HDMI output and ONE monitor with HDMI input. I have no other devices with which to test. Oh well. :(
  7. could you check the graphic card with the vga or dvi output on another monitor to see if you go signal from the card also do the same with the monitor
  8. Does your monitor or card have DVI?

    It will give you the same digital picture quality of HDMI.
  9. Quote:
    could you check the graphic card with the vga or dvi output on another monitor to see if you go signal from the card also do the same with the monitor

    The VGA on this monitor and the card on my PC is working without issue.
    The problem is that when I use teh HDMI cable, like I used to do, I have 'no signal'. So, either the HDMI on the card or the HDMI on the monitor is hosed.

    Does your monitor or card have DVI?

    YES! Which leads me to my next question. If I get the right adapters to go from HDMI to DVI, could I not check this card and this monitor as follows:

    Plug the HDMI directly into the video card, adapt the other end to plug into the DVI on the monitor...if it works, then the card is good.

    Then, the apapter on the HDMI cable plugged into the video card....the other plugged directly into the HDMI...if it works, then the monitor is good.

    I could cheaply buy adapters and DVI cables in case it all failed. I know the DVI OUT on the video card is good, because I have an adapter for it to VGA.
  10. It could possibly work like that, its worth giving it a try.
  11. Though there isn't much use using HDMI when there's DVI.
  12. I agree just use them both in DVI....problem solved.
  13. I have to order a cable, so a couple of adapters is no big deal. Im interested mainly in a positive diagnosis. Once I figure it out, ill likely just use the DVI cable.

    HDMI and DVI is the same quality of signal?
  14. Yeah they are the same Digital quality
  15. ^+1
    The reason the HDMI cable was they needed a common input from out side sources and the HDMI was like the USB. DVI is not common enough on all out side devices anyway you get the picture.
  16. Welp, the only way this setup works is with DVI to DVI via a DVI cable. the VGA to VGA via VGA cable works as well.

    NO matter how I convert HDMI to DVI, I cannot recieve a signal to the monitor.

    DVI to HDMI at the monitor does not work.
    HDMI to DVI at the monitor does not work.

    It doesnt matter whether I adapt it to be through the HDMI or DVI cable, it does not work. That's a bit odd if you ask me.

    So the HDMI OUT on the card must be burned up.

    Also, the HDMI IN on the monitor must be burned up.

    When I adapt the hdmi out of the card adapted to DVI, and go to DVI on the monitor, via DVI cable, I get a flicker on the screen.

    When I go from DVI on the video card adapter to HDMI and then to HDMI on teh monitor, I get no signal at all.

    Is it possible or likely that the HDMI out on the vid card AND the HDMI in on the monitor have failed together????
  17. did you check your hdmi cable this one could be defective
  18. Yes, the HDMI cable was tested.
  19. It could have burnd out on both ends. Did anything happen that night to make you think that it could have been the storm? Something happened. But the only way for sure to tell.

    You will have to take your GPU or your monitor and have it tested or get another card or you have a friend that can help you out a little or take it into the shop.

    Because after doing all that you can to get the card to work in the HDMI mode and swaping everything out and wiring it all different ways and you get nothing. Or you replace one thing at a time.

    I am out of ideas about what is going on in your case. Look on the good side of this it could have burned out your GPU and Monitor all the way and You would have nothing. I hope you get a fix and I wish you the best of luck. Cheers
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