Need help . Newbie here .

Hi all . :)

Here are the detail of my problem ,

last week , my PSU get blown and my pc wont turn on . Then , i replace a new PSU and Motherboard because my old motherboard not working anymore . The problem now , my pc suddenly shut down when i playing game . Its okay when i surf internet , watch video and others but it will suddenly shut down when playing game . And also my pc become a little slow after using the new motherboard . What i need to do to fix this problem ? Especially the suddenly shut down problem .

Really need help .
Your help is greatly appreciated . Thank you :)
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  1. List your complete system specs including the power supply make and model number. The ps may be a low end brand and unable to run your system.
  2. As above sounds like a PSU issue.
  3. what are your CPU temperatures?

    A CPU throttling down under normal load / shutting down under high load (ie when playing games) because of overheating due to a porly fitted heatsink / fan would cause this too
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