Zotac 560/560ti/560amp??

hello community,

i am looking at purchasing a zotac 560 ti cheap @ 169.99 ...... i have compared prices knowing that the 560ti is higher than the 560 amp and 560 can someone explain the pricing difference when 560's are priced at 200+ and this 560 ti is 169.99.... thank you.

http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1781498&CatId=3669 (560 ti)

http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=43_557_559&item_id=039806 (560 amp)

http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=43_557_559&item_id=039003 (560)

all 3 cards are within 10 bucks of each other is the ideal choice still the 560ti no matter what?

can i get anything else better for this price range im looking to play diablo 3 cranked and to overclock a bit for fun... set up is i7 950....6g triple channel 1600..... sata drive.... rampage mobo
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  1. Technically the GTX 560 is slightly slower than GTX 560ti, the Zotac GTX 560 AMP is factory overclocked, should give you the exact same performance of GTX 560ti.

    If you're going to OC, get the GTX 560ti for more performance boost and OCing headroom.
  2. ^+1
    If they are the same price I would get the GTX 560 Ti. The standard 560 ti core clock is around 850Mhz the zotac is at 905Mhz so it is a little faster than the normal 560 ti. Good luck to you.
  3. Actually that's a really nice price of the 560 Ti :).
  4. GTX 560 Ti most definitely.
  5. That is very nice price for GTX 560 Ti! Grab it while it lasts, because usually GTX 560 Ti sells for $210+!
  6. thx you very much for the replies i have decided to go with the 560ti... going to pick it up tomorrow.... cheers... :)
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