Is this safe to do this?

Ok so here's my plan. The blue square is my TV. The red square is my pc. The yellow squares are my power outlets. So at

#1, my PC is plugged in my monitor in the main power outlet. I'm gonna buy a power cord splitter so 2 power cords can connect and power the pc at the same time. Is this safe to do? Ok that's my main concern. So I'm gonna move the pc to the middle right there at

#2 I'm gonna plug in the second power cord in the pc with the splitter. So now the power cord on #1 and the power cord on #2 is plugged in it. So now it's safe to remove power cord #1. I'm doing this so I can move the pc without it getting turned off so once the pc is plugged near the tv I can just wake up my pc from sleep. So so now I do the same at

#3, I connect the power cord from 3 to the pc also and then remove #2. Lastly at

#4 It's at the tv :) So is it safe to have 2 power cords plugged in the pc at the same time with a splitter? The pc won't explode or anything right?

Ok so after the tv is plugged in the tv I'm gonna get my 25ft ethernet cable to connect my pc to my modem :) I might get a mini dolly to make pushing the pc easier so every time I move it it'll be quicker.
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  1. why dont you just... unplug it.
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