Tower fell off desk - help!

as the topic says, my tower fell off my desk onto the floor while I was out this evening. the drop is about 30". wife says the cat did it. regardless, I have it disassembled now and am looking it over for damage. the initial impact with the floor was on the upper front right corner and the case is now slightly twisted as a result. a metal angled piece that partially held the power supply in place seems bent now also from the force of the impact.

I can't find any physical damage on any of the components. naturally at this point I am most suspicious of the motherboard. thankfully the computer was off at the time so the hard discs weren't spinning. Can anyone recommend anything else to check before I put it back together and hope for the best? any tips or advice would be appreciated at this point

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  1. my setup, if it helps:
    Asus P8P67 Pro rev 3.1 motherboard
    Intel i5 2500k cpu
    EVGA 560ti video card
    corsair GS600 psu
    crucial M4 ssd (boot drive)
    WD 150G caviar blue hd
    8G (4x2) crucial ballistix tracer ram
    antec 1200 case
  2. just check the connector of psu and ram will properly fit it and card graphic card reset it and also check the cpu heatsink is properly seated check the back of the mobo for
    no crack also check some hdd port and all pcie connector and atx power cpu cord and 24 power connector is properly seated and then check jumper too make sure all cpu on off button connector are connected to mobo note if u think that things that before seated is now proper after the u r cpu fell off from desk then u want need to reset things like gpu ram or other major cpu and mobo connector too
  3. just got it booted up after a deep cleaning, got it in the bare bones configuration atm... hopeful sign :)
  4. back up and running, probably got lucky with that one :) tower is now secured to the desk with bolts as well so I can have some peace of mind about this not happening again
  5. good luck buddy
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