Annoying problem, pls help me

So I have my 9500gt with my dvi connected to my monitor this morning and the monitor just blink analog to digital and vise versa and it shuts down with the power indicator blinking. I also connected a vga from my monitor to my onboard graphics card and it works. The vga is in analog. Whenever I press the source button on my monitor to switch from analog to digital, which is my gpu, the monitor just blinks the power indicator after displaying the analog/ digital thing. What is exactly my problem here?
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  1. The monitor will go into power saving mode when there is no signal being recieved and since you have connected it to the onboard graphics and it works and when it's connected to the video card it does not , that usually means that the video card is not working.
  2. but the fan is still spinning, do i have to buy a new gpu?
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