How can I tell if I a CMOS setting is wrong?

How can I tell if I a CMOS setting is wrong? Everything looks fine in the BIOS (as far as I can tell), but my PC is...well, let's just say, I'm typing this in Notepad, and I had about 10 words typed before the first character showed up. And it took several minutes for Notepad to come up. I am having these issues with all my programs, pretty much all the time. Everything is loading very slowly. No other issues whatsoever (except that I have to manually connect to the Internet even though it's set to automatic, but that's trivial). I have tested everything I know to test, the hardware is all fine, no viruses or spyware or anything of the sort. So perhaps a CMOS setting is wrong? How can I tell?

CPU core speed is 3116.9 MHz, but the rest of the fields below it in CPU-Z (i.e., Multiplyer) are blank. Pc Probe II says that my CPU speed is 3292 RPM is and my RAM speed is 667 on both 2 gb sticks, however, my Bios says the speed is 300-sometihing for my RAM. Do these numbers indicate a problem?

Someone did suggest that perhaps I did not F6 the AHCI before I installed the OS...not sure if I did or not, however, the hard drive doesn't require me to do so and the BIOS says, "When SATA is configured as ACHI in BIOS, only SATA port 1-4 can be detected. Ensure to install the AHCI driver to detect and use SATA port 1-6 in AHCI mode under OS." I gather from this that everything is fine with these settings, since all my Sata ports are showing and it's a very simple setup: 1 hard drive, 1 floppy, and 1 IDE DVD burner. (However, before the other hard drive started making unsettling noises, I had it setup as RAID...could this be the problem? My hard drive shows as E rather than C).

Other than updating all my drivers (since the last time I did this, I had to RMA my motherboard so they could flash it again), another clean install, I've tried everything anyone suggested so far here: Also there's more background info there such as numbers and stats. I would appreciate any help ruling out these issues I've listed here so I know to move on to the other 3 possibilies that are within my level of expertise, but are more drastic or would require me to purchase more hardware.

(In case I didn't mention it, the issue I think I may be having is that a cmos setting is wrong so the ram or cpu or the hard drive is running wrong as a result, I just don't know how to tell if this is the issue!)

Edit: Forgot to paste in the only 2 BIOS settings I was not sure about.

I have CPU prefetching enabled, should I have it disabled?

I have C1E Configuration disabled, should I enable it?
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  1. have you thought about trying and resetting your cmos?
  2. Not a bad idea. I've done that hundreds of times; when I had a bad PSU, I had to do that every time I rebooted! I'll try that next.
  3. haha ok hope it help :)
  4. 1. Check your TEMPS. If you are overheating the CPU will throttle and give exactly the symptoms you are seeing. (download HWMONITOR from CPUID if you do not have a temp monitor, it's free and good)
    2. If temps good run a few benchmarks. Even windows experience. Then compare your PC to others of the same specs. See how far off you are.
    3. If win7, then open 'resource monitor'. See what's max'ed out when the PC is slow -- disk or CPU or memory.
    4. Run an anti-virus. Microsoft Security Essentials is free, so is norten trial. Malware can do this.

    edit: NEVER MIND. I see in your other thread that you've done most of this already.
  5. Well, resetting the CMOS did nothing, neither did taking out the battery. Slight improvements when I disabled some things I don't use in msconfig, but then I disabled my antivirus program, and the problem went away completely. I tried a different antivirus program, and the problems came back. I have no idea how to solve the problem, but I am in touch with someone in the troubleshooting department at my antivirus software and will see if I can resolve it through them. Thanks!

    Edit: More replies, thank you! I did check my temps and they all seem good. Motherboard likes to run at or below 45C, hard drive 41C, CPU a little hotter but upper 40s or lower 50s. I run Windows XP. Oh, silly me, didn't read the whole thing! Thank you anyway. Now if I can just find out why my PC hates antivirus software....
  6. what is the antivirus program you are urnning
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