Could you build this PC for less?

As you may or may not know, I have recently been researching the prospect of building my own gaming PC with the following specs (purely for gaming):

CPU - Intel i5 3570K - £177
Motherboard - AsRock Z77 Extreme4 - £110
GPU - NVidia GTX670 - £295
Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar black 1TB - £88
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB - £41
Power Supply - Corsair 750W - £83

Total - £794

My problem is that I can buy this PC - for an extra £40 ready-made with a years warranty, an extra 8GB of RAM, another 1TB of hard drive space and a tower case.

What do you guys think? I always thought building yourself was cheaper, turns out there isn't that much of a difference. Should I just buy that PC from ebay?
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  1. That RAM is overpriced a bit. You want to get cheaper RAM. RAM brand doesn't matter much unless you get bottom of the barrel. That PSU is a bit too much. Try to get a cheaper one from a reputable brand at about 650-750W. Will you overclock? If not, get the ASRock Pro3/Pro4 board.
  2. That PC at amazon is custom made, look at the Descriptions. And its cheap for what it is, although, it as 1333 RAM.
  3. So is the PC capable of running any current game at at least 60 fps at normal HDTV resolutions?
  4. Absolutely.
  5. The price isn't bad on that system but can you be sure it's a reliable seller? Also I'd like to know the brand of PSU before buying.

    On the other hand building your system you know what you get and it's fun :D
  6. Yeah, go to newegg's PSU calculator. Can save a few there. Also try PC Part Picker. Going from newegg to there, saved me literally 120 bucks on my build because they showed me the best deals period (locally and online). The system you want is quite similar to mine.

    No one needs 1tb of space at the get-go. You can always add more when you have the cash, external (easiest) or internal (best performance). Also while corsair is good ram, what will you be doing? If it's gaming then you should be great with that. Just be careful as eBay will and try hard to rape your wallet.
  7. Do you guys think I need to buy a CPU cooler? I'm not sure whether I need one or not.
  8. If you're overclocking, then yes.
  9. But if not then it isn't necessary? I don't really need to overclock this PC to run any current games.
  10. The CPU comes with one, and it's adequate for stock clocks, but it's really inefficient when you overclock.
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