Upgrading i5-450M CPU (Intel HM55 chipset)

Hi all,
I posted a similar question about upgrading my cpu, however, I have done futher research and wanted to start clean again. The question is still what is the highest processor I can possibly upgrade to.

System Specs:

Model: HP DV7-4070us
Processor: i5-450M (2.40GHz, socket 989 rPGA)
Chipset: Intel HM55 (or the Intel 5 series)
Storage: SSD + Secondary HD

After research more deeply, I have found this link:
Similar situation: "If it's not a BGA chip, you should be able to replace with Core i5-560M, i5-580M, or i7-640M CPUs. If you have Intel HM55, HM57, PM55 or QM57 chipset then quad-core i7-740QM / i7-840QM CPUs may also work. "

So does that mean I can get the i7 quad-core CPU then? I understand that quad core CPU requires a different mobo, but it seems to me, from that forum link and also from Intel's site that with my current setup, I can potentially upgrade to:
i7-740QM (? kinda iffy about this one)
i7-840QM (? kinda iffy about this one)
i5-580M (Almost 100 % sure)

I greatly appreciate ANY response that would help me. I apologize again if anything I have done/said sounded noobish, I can only try at something I have no experience in :D

P.S. Another list I found pertaining to my chipset, however there is a disclaimer stating that using the list method may not be as accurate.

P.P.S Further investigation, I have found that the only processors that use the socket g1 or 989 rPGA are: "The current CPUs to use this package are the Core i7-6x0M series, the Core i5-4x0M series, the Core i5-5x0M series, the Core i3-3x0M series, and finally the Pentium P6x00 series and Celeron P4x00 series which were released on March 28, 2010. However, not all of these are available for Socket G1, as some of them are only available in a BGA package." (
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    This is a notebook yes? I recognize the HP DV 7 model series.

    First know that upgrading the CPU inside a notebook is not recommended. Notebooks are designed with a set ceiling in power usage and heat, upgrading to a more powerful CPU may put you beyond both of those.

    There are some walk-throughs at enthusiast sites for this type of thing. Notebookreview has some forums for this model, they may be a better answer.
  2. Yes this is a notebook :D I understand that upgrading the CPU is not recommend due to the restrictions the OEM has placed, additionally I am aware of the ceiling of power usage and such. However, I am just interested if there was any possibility in doing this sort of thing safely :D Thank you for your recommendation regarding Notebookreview, and thank you again for your reply!
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  4. I have same chipset as you, but different laptop Hp pavilion dv6-2180sm. You can upgrade to this processor or some, but I recoman you to upgrade to intel core i7-840QM, becaus for that money you can get better processor lik this. But you will need to search for cooling solution on CoolerMaster site and fine right heat sink and fan for your laptop, or buy it from some service for hp laptops in your country, who haves the same dimension of your fan and heat sink, but better RPM (rotation per minute). I hope I help :)
  5. I have an ASUS A52JK which also comes with Intel® HM55 Express Chipset and Intel i5 430M CPU, which is shown in the link below:

    The same laptop also comes with other types of processor, which are:
    1) Intel i5 430M/450M/460M/520M/540M CPU
    2) Intel i3 330M/350M/370M CPU
    3) Intel Pentium® Dual-Core P6000 CPU

    All this time I refered to the following links to get feedback for the CPU upgrade for Intel® HM55 Express Chipset:

    I am thinking of upgrading the CPU of my laptop to Intel i7 940XM or i7 640M. I have checked the TDP and CPU ID for Intel i5 430M, 640M and Intel i7 940XM. The TDP for i7 940XM are higher, which is 55W while the TDP for Intel i5 430M and 640M is 35W. The CPU ID for Intel i5 430M is 20652, the CPU ID for Intel i7 540M is 20655 and the CPU ID for Intel i7 940XM is 106F1.

    After reading the successful stories from the first link that I give above (and ignoring the unsuccessful stories Smiley Tongue ), I feel like I want to go for i7-940XM. If i7-940XM doesn't work, then I will try i7-640M (or lower). If the i7-940XM, works but have overheating problem, then I will try the i7-840QM (or lower).

    After finding this thread however, now I feel scared to upgrade because you guys mentioned that the motherboard for dual core and quad core is a little bit different. In addition, I also found a fujitsu user who failed to upgrade his Intel® HM55 Express Chipset to i7-720 in the forum below:

    Now I need to decide carefully which CPU to choose between the quad core and dual core.
  6. hi to all i have a sony vaio vpceb1z1e the laptop had the i5 430m after some research i upgrade to i7 620m and everything works great
    now i am thinking about the i7 940xm(more cores more power :) ) but don know because of the tdp (55w)what do you think?
  7. have you double-checked whether the quad core CPU works on your laptop or not? My laptop can only go up until i7-640M. Before upgrading to i7 640M, I tried to upgrade my laptop to i7 720QM, but it didn't work.

    If you cannot get information whether your laptop works with quad core CPU, I suggest you to try upgrading your laptop with the cheaper i7-720QM first. You may then upgrade to the more expensive i7 940XM if the cheaper i7 720QM works on your laptop.
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