[new build] building a new pc with I5 2500k


I want to build a new system badly,so I started looking around the web and reading reviews here and there
and i have came up with this final build

CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: GTX 670
MoBO:Asus P8Z77-V Pro (haven't set my mind)
PSU: i will keep my 600w PSU
CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 (haven't set my mind)
RAM: gonna buy 2gbx2 rams @ 1600 (gonna upgrade those to 8GBx2 rams later on)

all seems fine,but I'm a bit confused about what mobo should i buy.
■ Any recommendations ?
■ Is the Maximus IV Extreme-Z any good?
■ Is the rampage mobo any good ?
■ Is the ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 any good?
■ Some idiot friend of mine suggested that i should get the gigabyte sniper m3,is it any good?
■ Should i stick with the pro or should i go with the DELUXE one.
■ i keep seeing mobos with z77 z79 p68 and stuff,whats the diffident and whats the best for gaming and overclocking

now lets move on to the GPU,PSU and the Rams

■ Have i made the right choice ?
■ is the current psu enough to run the new build,or at least for now
■ What rams should i get ?

I want this build to last for years,maybe in the future I'm gonna upgrade to the 3gen intel CPU,I'm also aiming to overclock my K spu ofc,also for now I'm gonna buy a single gtx670 gpu but later on I'm gonna buy another one,and maybe after that i will buy extra 2.I will be using my build for gaming .

I believe those were all the questions that i have,thanks in advance guys,and sorry for my bad English

Best Regards

Just for the info,my current PC is

2x2gb ddr2
Gts 250
and some awful gigabyte mobo
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    There is one thing that you want to keep in mind and that is that there are no perfect parts and that there are a lot of good parts. The online store are full of components that are good and will fit together to make good Pc's . You will drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect parts to make a perfect Pc. So having said that all the MB that you are asking about are goog MB's. Itall depends on how much you want to spend.
    The Asus P8Z77-V Pro is a good choice and so is the GTX 670 and your psu is good enough for now. The ram you can go with either Corsair or G.Skill and I would get the 2x4gb now as that will be all you need for gaming. No game will use 16gb of system ram. If i read you statmen correctly are you planning on eventually having four video cards? You will only nee two GTX 670's and you will have enough graphics power to run any game on high/ultra and over 60 fps. Just so you know you can see the difference in fps over 60 fps.
  2. thanks man for the great reply,yes i do understand that there is no perfect parts,i just don't want to make any wrong decision
  3. black69ghost said:

    ■ i keep seeing mobos with z77 z79 p68 and stuff,whats the diffident and whats the best for gaming and overclocking

    Those are the chipsets. They're the core of any motherboard and determine what minimum set of features the board will have; the individual vendors can then decide exactly what extras to add to the mix.

    For your overclockable Sandy Bridge CPU, you'll be best served by a P67, Z68, Z75, or Z77 motherboard. P means it supports CPU overclocking, the Z means it supports CPU and IGP overclocking (irrelevant for you since you'll use a graphics card instead of the IGP).

    The 67 and 68 are from the old generation of chipsets originally released along with Sandy Bridge; the 68 means support for Smart Response Technology, which lets you use an SSD as a cache for a mechanical HDD.

    The 75 and 77 are from the new generation of chipsets released along with Ivy Bridge CPUs, but they support Sandy Bridge too. The 77 again has Smart Response Technology separating it from the 75, plus PCI-Express lanes for three-card SLI/Crossfire (as in, three physical cards with up to four GPUs; the Z75 etc. would still support four-way SLI/Crossfire, but only with two actual cards).

    The price difference between them tends to be small, so you might as well get a Z77, which has all the perks and would allow you to upgrade to an Ivy Bridge CPU later.
  4. thanks sakkura that's exactly the answer that i was looking for,thanks a lot
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  6. I've just went to the market today and the whole build costs 1100EUR with cool master case
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