Fix my lg monitor or get a projector

my boss gave me an m3201c-ba flatscreen monitor that needs a new power supply the supply cost between 68-150$ i had a projector and i liked it but i gave it away to some one that nee34ded it more than i did. ive found some projectors online like the olens projector for about 150. my main concern is that alot of these cheap projectors use usb to connect to the computer and i dont know how reliable that makes them or what kind of resolution i can expect any one have any ideas?
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  1. Cheap projectors are usually low resolution. Mostly 1024x768. But the LG TV you have is also only 1366x768 so just a little bit better than cheap projectors. But in any case, what is the exact projector brand & model that you can get for $150? maybe its better than I thought ( although I doubt it for the cost).
  2. If you feel adventureous you might crack that bad boy open. I recently fixed my friends monitors power supply with half an hour, a soldering iron, and 3 bucks of caps from radioshack. He provided the vodka ;)

    Or Google around you might find a fix
  3. well ive pulled the power supply it has 3 bad caps. a new power supply is about 80 bucks from lgs recommended supplier
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