Very Odd Booting Behavior on New PC

I just finished assembling a new computer and now every time I boot it, it behaves oddly in two ways.
First, the memOK led on the motherboard flashes red for a second and then goes out. Second, the heatsink fan jerks forward and stops two times before spinning up to full speed. This all occurs in about five seconds and then the systems loads the BIOS without errors and the hardware performs normally.

I have run the memOK test and it has come out successful.

When connecting everything to the psu, I noticed my motherboard had one 8-pin cpu connector and my psu had two 4-pin cpu connectors, except that while the right 4-pin connector fit, the shapes did not match. I don't know if this might affect the power or have anything to do with these issues.

For reference I have an Antec EA-650 Green PSU, an Asus P8H77-V LE motherboard and an Intel i5 3550 CPU (with stock heatsink)

Any light that could be shed on how serious this behavior is and what may cause it / how it can be fixed would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. you have to use the 8 pins atx connector to the motherboard from the power supply
  2. My psu has no 8-pin connector, the two 4-pins are labeled for cpu power. The PSU is listed as being both ATX12V and EPS 12V compatible, the motherboard is ATX12V.
  3. Thats a 500 Earthwatts and mine is a 650 and on the corresponding product page for my psu, it lists a 1x8(4+4) atx12/eps12 cpu power connector - so it definitely is supposed to be two 4-pin connectors for the cpu power.
  4. for the power supply talk over on the rog forum there been a few people that have said there 8 pin (4 py 4 eps cable) only have would fit into the 8 pins on the mb. all asus mb my sabertooth does the same thing the ram led blinks red (there no green led)
    then turns off if it stayed on or blinked you have an issue. I seen some stock intel heat sinks do that. i think it how the cpu fan and mb fan chipset talk to each other. as long as the fan spins up and you dont get any fan failures it fine. (just make sure you install the new cpu code on the mb bios. there a few bios updates. (use a usb stick and do them in order.) ie flash the bios go into it hit f5 save as default and boot into windows..then shut down. boot back into the bios and flash then next one and repeat.
  5. yeah mine was like that and i used the 4... works perfectly just use the one that fits and let the extra 4 loose
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