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Nvidia GT 440 1gb Vs Ati radeon HD 6670 1gb

Which one is better my friend wants to upgrade from a 9500 gt to either a nvidia GT 440 1gb or a ati radeon HD 6670 1gb.
AMD athlon II 2.6x2

2gb ram 800mhz

nvidia 9500 gt

motherboard(optiplex 740)

PSU 350W

and a 15.6 inch 1280x1024 (i think)

the games he wants to play:
borderlands 2
starcraft 2
splinter cell (all of them)
world at war
fallout new vagas
teamfortress 2
leaft four dead
garys mod
killing floor
and diablo 3
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  1. Go for 6670 since it is faster, power efficient and can run all those games at med to high. Gt 440 can play them only at lesser res etc. Also get the gddr5 version, if budget is tight get a 512 mb gddr5
  2. okay thanks :D
  3. The GT440 DDR3 version is useless. The GT440 DDR5 is better, and equal to the HD6670 DDR3. The HD6670 DDR5 is the fastest version of those two GPU's.
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    Actually, a better choice than either of those would be an HD7750. It would work with his power supply, and is a better card than either of the others.
    It is on par with a GT450 as far as performance, and runs $115 or so:
  5. hd 6670 is faster better.:)
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  7. see the only problem with getting the 7750 is that his case is really really small so his GPU has to be small
  8. sunnk said:
    hd 6670 is faster better.:)

    not faster/better than 7750
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