Please help me understand the difference.

What are the key differences of let's say amd 965 Black edition and intels i5-3570k. (gaming standpoint)

i know intel got better technologies like de/coding booster.

im just interested in why they sell their cpu's with information like ghz and cache, still leaving out many vital Spec's.

Please excuse my english :)
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  1. Key differences are Intel is more powerful but twice as expensive. Not twice as powerful though, but enough to be worthwhile if budget permits :D
  2. Can i ask, why it's more powerful? when they clearly give up most of the same info? :??:

    im new at cpu specs :|
  3. Does it matter? It's more powerful because of many things, ultimately leading to better IPC, instructions per cycle. It means it gets more work done per (G)Hz.
  4. I'm personally getting tired of all the salesmen that come up in your face trying to sell you an amd processor, when their other pc at 100$ more, with an intel cpu, clearly is the same in terms of performance because ghz and cache is the same, i just want some guidelines to figure it out for myself : )

    i know you can calculate processor performance by multiplying ipc with hz, but i dont know where to look for ipc numbers..

    May not be necessary info :p
  5. Plus some friends of mine that repeadtedly buys high hz processors, and yet they seem to perform poorly.

    want to be able to figure out what's best without searching the net for 4 different comparisons :|
  6. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as just calculating the performance. If it was, we wouldn't need benchmarks, right? ;) IPC isn't just one blank number, it too depends on a lot of things.
  7. You can't look at the spec of processors of two different companys. There are so many other differences in architecture and efficiency. Basically if you have the money go with intel at the moment as they are faster and more power efficient.
  8. ah, i see. thanks, so generally intel is the way to go in terms of quality? (in exchange for more money ofcourse)
  9. Striker235 said:
    ah, i see. thanks, so generally intel is the way to go in terms of quality? (in exchange for more money ofcourse)

    More speed and efficiency for more money. The way of the world.

    Essentially yes. Without a budget it's intel every time.
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