Quiet high-end: sapphire 7950 oc or 670?

I'm searching for some good graphics card (around 400€) that is as quiet as possible.
The Sapphire 7950 OC seemed to fit my needs very well (370€ at 23/34 db at idle/load), the 680 was no option since it was too expensive so I didn't even consider it.
But now the 670 is kicking in which seems to outperform the 7950 while playing in its price class.
Since I did not find some noise results for custom 670s (the reference is to loud) I looked at the 680 since there are many who have a 670/680 product with the same cooler (like gainward phantom) but I did not find one that even came close to the sapphire.
What do you recommend? Did I search not good enough? Did you even hear about some very quiet 670 by chance?
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  1. Quote:
    Get the 670 is you can find any available, get the HD7950 and OC it if otherwise.

    like I said in the reviews I saw the reference 670 seems to be much louder than the sapphire 7950 oc or do you have other informations?
  2. That's a no brainer as the 670 can par up with the 7970. There's some 670 with custom cooling but stock one seems to be better by pushing hot air out of the case instead of blowing all over inside.
  3. @greghome: thats the sapphire 7950 oc which was my original choice.

    I just found the recommandation for the Asus 670 Direct CU II in another thread (thanks @Helltech) which seems to be as silent as the sapphire while having more power than the standard 670 and is at low as 400€ exactly. If I don't see anything even better I think I'll stick with that.
  4. I'd go with GTX 670. It's faster and better than HD 7950. It's not loud either, where did you get that idea from?
  5. @Sunius: all the tests I saw said that it's at 29db at idle and over 40db at load. I only have a small dorm (10 sqm) and want to have the pc run while I sleep so 25db is max for me. While playing I also like it quiet so i want to stay below 40db but thats not as important as the idle noise (the rest of my system is quiet as hell, while idle i can run it passive).
  6. yes its noisy but not that much then the hd 7950 well the hd 7950 is a quite card.:)

  7. As we saw the GTX 670 is 14% average faster than 7970 and 5% slower than GTX 680 also it is availble in similar price so there is no single advantage on 7950 side. I also was about to buy 7950 but when this thing came out I rolled back my order an change it for GTX 670.
  8. @sunnk: this is true for the reference 7950, the sapphire 7950 oc is waaaaay more quiet. But It seems as it's no match for the asus 670.

    @7ccccc7: that's the reason I considered the 670, and for me it seems like the asus 670 direct CU II has won.
  9. in my opinion you should go with gtx 670 because its in hd 7950 price range and gives better performance then that card.:)

    if u want a card with good cooling andstay in low noise then get this one or asus dc ii.:)


    in newegg fedbacks you can see that customers are happy with it and also saying thatits an quiter card go and check in feedback here.:)


    for review see this it performs almost like gtx 680.:)

  10. @sunnk: thanks, that summoned it up pretty well. asus it is, I think I will order today :D
  11. ok goodluck go ahead and buy that.:)

    have a nice day.:)

    be happy with your upgrade.:)
  12. You said you wanted the PC running while you sleep. Okay, but I think you're overestimating the noise from graphics card. You will barely hear 40 dB if you are at least 2 meters away from your PC and it's on the floor, not on your table. CPU coolers tend to make more noise though. 40 dB is very silent for graphics card at full load.
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