Been a while since I have built a PC... Looking for advice please?

Hello folks,

I kind of got out of the computer gaming scene years ago. Decided to just stick to Xbox 360. I have a laptop that was pretty good back in the day, but of course is starting to not be able to handle much anymore..

I'm looking to get back into video editing some more now that I have a GoPro camera, and also to play a couple of games that I'm interested in that are PC only. So I was curious if you kind folks could help me out. It would be greatly appreciated.

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next few months. It's going to be kind of a budget, so maybe a part a month or so?

Budget Range: Obviously the cheaper the better. I was hoping for around 600-800ish

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Diablo 3, Arma 2, Video editing

Parts Not Required: I have a case already (my cousin helped me pick some things up but I'm thinking you guys might be a little more knowledgeable)
So I already have the following:
DVD Drive:

Keyboard and mouse and speakers and such aren't really needed for recommendation.. but if you know of something awesome you think I should see, let me know.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I prefer Newegg or Tiger Direct I think.. but I'm open to suggestions.

Country: I live in the USA

Parts Preferences: No preference.. Whatever you feel is best bang for its buck.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, but probably not.

Monitor Resolution: To be honest, I'm not sure. My laptop has been in 1440x900 but again, suggestions?

Additional Comments: Just trying to get a budget PC that will do what I'm looking for, if possible. Again, I am so out of the loop on this stuff you should probably just treat me as if this is my first time. The last time I built a PC was when I was in high school in 2005.

I appreciate any and all responses, truly.

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  1. The n psu is low quality . Only use 80+ rated psu's They have better voltage control and higher efficiency . If you havent got it already then dont

    The rosewill challenger won an award for being cheap , not for being good . In the same sentence they gave it an award they wished they'd had enough in the budget to afford an antec 300 because the challenger had cheap plastic and thin metal
    Also consider the newer antec 1 . A much better case too
  2. Lol at Antec 300 being good. It got an award for looking good and price, and that's it. You'd be stupid to recommend it when the NZXT Tempest 210 is cheaper and better in cable management and airflow.
  3. Well unfortunately I have already purchased them. The PSU wasn't too expensive so I can always sell it or return it and put it toward a better one I suppose. Like I said my cousin was recommending stuff to me at first and so I bought a couple of things but then I decided to post here.
  4. azeem40 said:
    Lol at Antec 300 being good. It got an award for looking good and price, and that's it. You'd be stupid to recommend it when the NZXT Tempest 210 is cheaper and better in cable management and airflow.

    azeem you have built one computer EVER .
    You had to ask how to make the case fans go , and then you had to ask how to remove the hard drive cage from your case because you didnt take the other side panel off and find all the screws securing it .
    Dont confuse your prolific posting on this mb with actual knowledge or experience

    The antec 300 remains an excellent case because it works well and is similarly priced to the challenger which is still a dog . If the NZXT tempest is better it would have to be lots better than the general nzxt case
  5. Well I already have the challenger case. I'm not too worried about it because like I said, I'm not a huge gamer on the PC. I am, however, trying to make sure I purchase the right internals for my budget, if anyone would be kind enough to chime in on that?
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    An i5-2400/i5-3450 and 6850/6870 would be a great combo, IMHO.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Obsama1. I will take a look at those. Appreciate it.
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