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Mini ATX and Water cooler casing

Can p8z68-v mobo fit CM Elite 360
P8z68-v form factor= 30.5 cm x 24.4 cm.. I'm using sli Gigabyte HD7770 gpu and maybe install water cooler to replace hyper 212 plus..

Can anyone suggest mini casing besde this and fit water cooler too..
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    That motherboard is ATX. It's very hard to get small compact cases for that form factor.
    Check out this case, its the smallest ATX case I can think of:,15240.html

    Its Lian Li so it could be expensive though.
  2. For the cooler, can anyone suggest it..
  3. I dont think H100 will fit in there :) Maybe if u remove the 2 top fans.

    And btw that case is 250 $ . Why u need a mini case ?
  4. A custom external loop may be the best option.

    All AIO watercooling systems that I can think off uses 120mm fans and radiators and small cases don't support 120mm fan in the case at least that I know off, and installing a H60-H80 on a side panel...... I don't like that idea.
  5. I using a bigger case now n feel uneasy to bring it around as student need to go home on break, people always watch me bring my bulky set like I'm robbin their stuff, sometime the senior always tease me with my desktop spec as the casing is bigger they think it's a end class rig, it realy annoying.. I decide to change the case.. Right now I'm using haf912 case.. Hope to change it before this upcoming semester..
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