A4-5300 vs. i3-540

Which percentage of boost i will receive? I see that it has small caches.
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  1. Boost? Need more details, friend. The i3 is the better CPU, if that's what you're wondering.
  2. Thanks for the reply, before the i3-540 i had the Athlon X2 250, sincerely, on skin, i didn't see too much difference in experience. I have to upgrade, "money too tight to mention" Simply Red sing. I was thinking to buy the Athlon II X4 740, it has a good price, overclocked a bit is the 5800K. My simple thought is --> if the X2 250, on common desktop usage, i had also no prob. with games, is almost the i3-540, the A4-5300 considering the evolution of the technology (AVX,AES, etc.) and if the speed of a processor is measured in MHz, without going crazy in 300 reviews and searches, the A4-5300 is a kind of jewel, maybe a little bit under the i3-540, but far more better than the X2 250.
    Sorry for my inaccuracy
  3. Depends on the program. In general, assuming the same clockspeed, the 1st gen Core i3 is about 12% - 15% more powerful than the A4-5300. That does not mean your performance will increase by 12% - 15% because there are some limitations involved and inefficiencies as well without getting technical.

    An analogy would be a car with a 90 horse power engine that has a maximum speed of 85MPH. Dropping in a 180H horse power engine doesn't necessarily mean it can hit 170MPH.
  4. You are right, in conclusion, i see often the mere question about which is the best, i think i will try the A4-5300, is a kind of feeling, you know. You could own a Bentley and drive at 40MPH every time.
    Let me know if some review about this "Low Specs" CPUs is lying around, I have seen enthusiastic guys on YouTube about the A6-5400K, i think i will pair the A4-5300 with a Mini-ITX by AsRock, the other advantages now, for upgrading consciousness are more SATA 6, faster RAM (the bandwidth could be an interesting discussion), and the price finally. I will post my suggestions/result i think after Xmas.
    Thank you very much for your time, keep in touch! :)
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