Good LGA 2011 CPU for EVGA X79?

So I just bought the EVGA X79 and need a LGA 2011 CPU and wasnt sure what to get, I was looking into the i7 3820k but after reading lots of reviews I became un-sure if that is what I want. I would use it for heavy programming with some 3d models and gaming. Any sugestions on what would be a good one?3820k 3930k? or none of these?

thanks for the help!!
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  1. You just bought a mobo randomly without knowing what CPU you want? Wow, I wish I had that kind of money.

    Anyway, the only worthwhile CPU on X79 is the 3930K.
  2. Well I knew I was gona get the 3820 or 3930 and the mobo was on sale for 150 :) usualy 220 on newegg. So 3930 should be the one to go?
  3. Yup, if you wanted a 4 core you should have bought a LGA1155 system. The 3770K is superior to 3820 - 3930K is the only reason to go for X79.
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