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Hi, as I am new to this forum, I would like to introduce myself. :hello:

I am looking at replacing my ancient laptop with a computer that can play games well. That being said, I am not planning on playing any graphics heavy games at the moment (battlefield 3, crysis). The game I am playing most at the moment is minecraft, so any computer that can play that with all settings extreme would probably do fine. I am open to any advice as to what kind of computer would best fit my needs. I realize that it would not take much to run minecraft, but I do want to future-proof my pc in case i want to play other games in the future. Here is my idea, feel free to expand:

cpu- i3 2120 3.3ghz
gpu- gtx 550ti (superclocked?)
psu- corsair CX 430
case- Coolermaster RC430 KWN1 Elite 430 Midtower ATX case
mobo- Asus P8H61
hd- western digital caviar blue 500gb
ram- corsair 4gb ddr3
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  1. That psu is a dog . Anything with a small [ usually red] voltage switch on the back is not worth considering .

    Use only 80+ rated psu's

    The corsair CX 430 has been a good price recently

    Mak sure the RAM is rated for 1.5 volt operation . Any higher and you void the warranty on the processor

    Cases are personal choice and the elite 430 works well but a more modern case like the Antec 1 has front usb3 ports [ depends if your mb has an internal connector but if not theres an adapter to make them usb 2 ] and better cable management . Its a few dollars more but definitely worth it

    You can download a consumer preview of windows 8 and use that if you want . But you will have to reinstall everything when 8 is released officially
  2. I'll change that psu for sure. Do you have any suggestions for the motherboard? I really just picked the first one that seemed to work.
  3. so would this motherboard have front usb connectors so i could get the antec 1 case? and is 430w enough power for the i3 2100 and the 550ti?
  4. Outlander_04 said:
    In general Asus make good motherboards

    Agreed. The UEFI BIOS is just too good to be true. :D
  5. The changes Outlander suggested are good, I would also add you might consider a Radeon 6850 video card, they're in the same price range of 550 TIs and they're a bit better.
  6. well as it is, tigerdirect is selling the 550ti for $110 and the 6850 for $144
  7. Hmm.. well don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy with my 550 TI, but honestly, even my GTX 460 is a little better than it. Almost all of my computers over the last 10 years have had Nvidia card, you're lucky, I paid $170 for my 550 TI out of brand loyalty I facepalm myself for it often.

    Looking at 550 TIs on tiger that is a pretty decent deal, but if thats in your price range, honestly I'd go 460 if the 6850 is a bit too much
    460 vs 550 TI (yes even though the 460 is a generation older)

  8. well those graphs certainly do speak but sadly the gtx 460 is not available at my local tigerdirect store, so i would have to order it online, while I could just run over to the store and pick up a 550ti, but i definately see your point.

    so is everyone in agreement with the processor?
  9. For a budget gaming rig the CPU would be fine. While I generally would go with a Phenom II 965 (which is priced at $120 from newegg) for the simple fact it has 2 more cores. But most games only use 2 cores, and in the last 48 hours evidence has come to light (at least to me) that even quad core games the i3 does okay. So, I'm left with saying, between the AMD Phenom II 965 and Intel i3, you'd be happy with either one on a budget gaming rig.

    I'd say an i5 is a better choice for a modern system, unfortunately that would put you over budget. And for gaming, the video card is where you want to spend the money.
  10. alrighty then, the build should come to around $530 which i can do. Thank all of you loverly people for your help. I am gonna try to buy it tommorow, and im still going to see what case would work best. :sol: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:
  11. Ok so i put it all together, and when i try to boot it up, all the lights and fans come on, but the monitor receives no signal and the computer emits a beep code 1 long beep 2 short. The website says it could be faulty ram but the ram is brand new corsair vengeance 4gb straight from the box. What should I do?
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