Advice me for the graphic card


My motherboard is GA-M61SME-S2 (rev. 2.x)

Processor AMD Dual Core 4400+

I need to know the best graphic card for this motherboard. I see the list of compatible card. but i want from you guys.

Thanks in advance
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    gts 450 will be the best one to get and the max one.:)

    btw whats ur psu model?
  2. Thanks for the reply

    I need to check the power supply model number.
  3. Hd 7750
  4. ^^^bottleneck^^^
  5. power supply model number - PIV 450K24 SMPS
    AC INPUT - 230/115 50/60HZ
  6. does it has one 6 pin pcie connector and how many amps on 12v rail?there will be more details in the psu lable please write thing that is given there.:)
  7. hi,

    10A 250w written on the wire and has two connector of three pins. thats all i have abt Power supply.

  8. at last you can only run hd 6570 or 6450
  9. Thanks for the advice. Any in nvidia....
  10. gt 430 or gt 440
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  12. Thanks members, finally i upgrade my desktop ( new cabinet bijli , zebronics platinum smps 700w, saphire radeon HD 6850 except these other are all same)
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