Looking for some reviews/ advice on parts and building!

Link to parts list:


I have done some research and I think that I have a decent job at picking parts.
I have not included a CD/DVD drive since I will be booting from USB and never use CD/DVDs.

I'm just looking for some reviews if I did everything properly. No mismatched sockets / connectors etc. As far as the PSU, I used an online calculator which stated I needed around 300W, going with something tad higher just to be safe.

Also I was wondering 2 additional things:

Should I look to buy any kind of connector cables or do the parts come with them.

And also should I look to buy an aftermarket fan/thermal paste?

As far as the building process it looks pretty damned straightforward to me. Every article overstates static discharge heh. But yea just connect everything. No special screwdrivers/tools needed right?

I was looking into cable management but I don't think it will be really necessary.
Is there anything else that I should be aware of?
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  1. for a video card at that same price a GTX 560se would be a better performer:

    The PSU you chose is not the best and isn't 80+ certified energy efficient.
    I suggest this one for a good budget PSU:

    this Monitor is a better pick, same size and has DVI, D-SUB and HDMI inputs and $10 less

    you need some zip ties or wire twist ties for some cable to promote airflow. you should have all the cables needed assemble your rig.

    aftermarket fan/thermal paste, that is a good question. if you are not over clocking the thermal pad that comes with the CPU/HSF is just fine. I use arctic silver normally for builds.

    edit fixed PSU link
  2. why can i not view it?
  3. TheBigTroll said:
    why can i not view it?

    cause you are a Troll :o

    I had trouble too. try this link.


    if that doesn't work go to the public wishlist area of newegg and pick a wishlist, then in the address bar substitute Wish List Number that appears to the right of the "=" with 27604548

    ok it works now

    jerreddredd, you know that you gave him the same link for both the power supply and the video card right.

    i would have recommended the seasonic m12II 520w for the power supply

    for the ram, gskill ripjaws x is cheaper and performs the same. dont see the point of those haircomb ram coolers.

    id suggest a aftermarket heatsink like a hyper 212 evo from cooler master if you plan on overclocking. if you get it, you must get the gskill or low profile ram as corsair doesnt fit
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    jerreddredd, you know that you gave him the same link for both the power supply and the video card right.

    NOOOooo. ok, thanks. fixed it.
  6. the cx430 also works but for 15 more dollars, you get more wattage, more efficency, modularity, and made by seasonic instead of channel well
  7. nothing wrong with Corsair's CWT made PSU's.

    I was trying to stay close to his original PSU price in case he was on a budget. yes, a 520w Seasonic would be much better than the Corsair CX430.
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