24 pin connected to 20 pin power on motherboard?

i recently bought a power supply upgrade for myself and i was wondering since my motherboard only takes a 20 pin power cable can i slide off the 4 at the end and use the other 20 pins or do i need to buy a adapter. Alse to power supply is atx and the case is (hp pavilion) slimline. Im running it outside the case. Would i run into any other problems do you think?
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  1. Dont think would give u any problem if it stays outside. Y u can remove that 4 pin and insert it.
  2. Np :)

    No just connect it. It wont make any difference. At least thats why its made with that removable pin ;)
  3. Yeah thanks, i was also thinking since its a mini motherboard does it take a special connector or anything? Sorry about the idiotic questions. I normally know a lot about computers but when it comes to my own one i get nervous.
  4. Crap i had another look at it. It turns out it takes a mini 24 pin connector (i hate hp). Is there any way to work around it without buying this adapter http://www.atxpowersupplies.com/20-pin-to-24-pin-hp-slimline-atx-converter.htm
  5. Dont think so. U need to buy that adapter . Thats the cost :)
  6. Scumbag hp, i'll have to return all the stuff i bought cause of this.
  7. Srry for that . Just check better next time :)
  8. Hmm i did some searching at it seems that i could maybe do some soldering to make it fit. How hard would this be and do you see it as a possible solution?
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