How many monitors in Eyefinity with multiple GPU's?

Hi All,

As part of a project I am considering using multiple monitors exceeding 6, I understand that the 7950 can support up to 6 Monitors, Im wondering if I can increase this number using Crossfire X?

For example if I used a Crosshair V Formula motherboard which has 5 PCIe ports, can I theoretically connect 30 monitors and have them run in eyefinity?

Despite searching the web for hours i could not find a definitive answer, so any advice would be highly appreciated.
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  1. I could be wrong but still it would be 6 monitors even you have crossfire.
  2. I think you need the 2 cards not in crossfire for more than 6 monitors crossfire will still only allow as many as a single card.
  3. I didnt realise it was possible to run more than 1 graphics card without Crossfire or some way to connect them, I mean if you have 1 image and you wish to have it span across 2 monitors could you do that using 2 independant GPU's?
  4. Crossfire uses two (sometimes up to four) cards as one for increased performance. You do not gain display outputs.

    You should be able to connect the cards individually (no crossfire) and use all the display outputs on each card. Note there is no increased performance this way and games will still only run off the primary card and it's group of monitors.
  5. Excellent, thank you all very much for your advice.
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