What's a good price sweetspot for i7-3770

I'm curious since prices are coming down and I saw Microcenter has the 3770k for $259, what's a good price to pull the trigger and buy it? The 3770k seems to be less than the locked 3770. So why are prices coming down? Are the IB's getting refreshed? Haswell is not due out till April at the earliest.
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    Actually it's on sale for 229.99 right now, and yes that is a good price if you can use hyperthreading.
  2. No there isn't refresh on Ivy Bridge. This time of year a lot of people are trying to move product so they cut the prices down as low as they can get. Microcenter is famous for having lower prices than anyone else on their processors. However they do have other ways in which they make money.
  3. yea microcenters closeouts can be awsome.just bought nvidia gtx670 for 280 brand new.
  4. Yeah, I went to Microcenter and asked the salesman, how come the 3770k is 1- $229 and why is it lower than its locked brother? He said, "Because Microcenter likes to do that." :) Fine with me. I grabbed a 3770k :) Would be nice if they dropped a 680GTX to $250 :) Yeah, that part Im dreaming :)
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