Upgrading from a Sapphire TOXIC 100282TXSR Radeon HD5850 1GB, DDR5

Hello, i'm thinking of upgrading my current video card. i'm having some trouble on deciding what to get next. no amount of self research has given me any confidence on the decision. i do want an nvida because i'm tired of the problems with whatever isn't nvida.

the reason i've been thinking about upgrading is because i've been playing a lot of Tera online. rather then go into the problems. i will just say; i want a better experience in the end game content. i also want the card to last as long as my current one did.

750 Power
Asus P6X58D Premium MB
i7 930 2.8
6gigs of ram

exact video card:
exact MB, box and everything:
exact cpu:

i'm not sure what else to add or to say...
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  1. Dunno what do you mean by 'i do want an nvida because i'm tired of the problems with whatever isn't nvidia' it's totally OK to get NVidia. But that 750W PSU is a decent one right? I will suggest something like 7870 or 670.
  2. maybe you read it wrong but stuff like "x" game runs better on NVidia, "x" game doesn't have "x" bug because it's nvida... everything is NVidia. i loved ati(amd) but i don't want to put up with any future problems, the biggest one being stuff like the game Rage.

    exact PSU:

    i was looking at the 670s and the 680s because people or the site said it was worth the money. i'm just not sure about the pci express 3.0. i read it was backwards compatible but what am i giving up for that and would i might have to upgrade my bios? also stuff like overclocking and w/e scares me...
  3. NVidia cards has better drivers, that's all. It is not wrong to have 7870 or the 670.

    That PSU should be fine, even with OC. Please this see picture with respect of PCI-E 2.0 vs PCI-E 3.0:

    (From hardware canucks)

    But to be save, update your BIOS.
  4. so even if my MB doesn't support 3.0 it wouldn't be much of a difference anyway? i feel better about that now, thanks.
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    Yes, good luck on your purchase.
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