Final Review For Gaming Rig

I'm going Intel and i have a budget of $900 before shipping and tax. I need to bring the cost down about $20 if possible.

Here is Newegg link.

If there is another site that is better than Newegg and is in the US I'm willing to check it out.

I don't need a keyboard/mouse, sound card, OS, and speakers.

All opinions are welcome :)
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  1. If this is a gaming machine, you probably should go with a stronger video card.

    I would suggest this if you can afford it.

    You won't need the SATA cable, the motherboard comes with them.

    Cheaper power supply

    Give up on overclocking if this is a gaming system, you really want a stronger video card.
    CPU and Mobo

    I don't know if that helps you or not. But, for what its worth.
  2. I plan on upgrading my Graphics card in a few months. I'm buying in 2 weeks. I am not overclocking
  3. Okay, if you're not overclocking, you don't need a CPU with a "K" on the end. You can use the 2400 or the i5-3450 would both be decent choices.

    The 7770 isn't a terrible card, if you want to upgrade it later on, go ahead, it will hold you over pretty well in the meantime.
  4. I like the build (except the weak GPU which you have already explained)

    two suggestions:

    monitor - ASUS has the best warranty going (dead or stuck pixels suck).
    this is an outstanding monitor with 5 eggs and 1500+ reviews 23" and free shipping too: (Saves $15)
    or this 21.5" LED that saves even more$

    both are outstanding gaming monitors.

    the CPU and MB are currently in a combo deal (saves you $13)
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