Best cheap bf3 rig

hi guys :D i bought a new pc last month

i5 2320 @ 3.0 ghz
650 W PSU
Inno 3D GTX 550 ti 1GB
Elitegroup H67H2-M3 motherboard
win7 64 bit

When i got my pc i could run bf3 on high settings (without AA) on about 60 FPS the game was very playable and looked great
i upgraded from a 1360x768 screen to a 1920x1080 screen. It performs poorly on this res and i get unstable frames. i put every setting on low , turned off AA , and the card still gets heavy frame dips. 45 - 80 FPS
this is on all servers , 64 + small ones like 24

I dont like the reduced performance and would like to upgrade

>should i get an SLI motherboard and SLI my gtx 550 ti ?
> buy new motherboard with SLI and get a gtx 560 ti (later buy another 1 for SLI)
> any other suggestion , i just want more performance i can always sell my current components
>any other recomended cards that will perform if i keep my motherboard and just sell the grpahics card ?
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  1. GTX 550 ti 1GB is a weak card... don't sli it .... just sell and get 560 or gtx 660 when it comes out ....
  2. 550 Ti is a bad card for 1920x1080, I recommend an upgrade, not SLI or anything. 560 Ti or 7850 would be a nice option. Make sure that 650W is decent, not those cheapo PSU.
  3. refillable

  4. refillable said:
    Make sure that 650W is decent, not those cheapo PSU.

    how can i check this ?
  5. oh i forgot to add : thanks for any advice
  6. ok i'll sell my 550 to my friend, now im focusing on the 560 ti. worth it to get 2 gb ? i really want some solid performance in bf3 and any other game 2012 might throw at me.
  7. Yea Your gonna need the extra vram to handle BF3. BF3 uses alot of Vram
  8. tnx i'll check which is the most cost effective.
    i'm really not smart with gfx cards so can you guys tell me if there is such a big difference between different brands ? i check online and the price on different brands are way different.
  9. Also , i read something about being able to allocate some HDD space to VRAM ? is this true and if so , is it effective
  10. FarmerJ0e said:
    ok i'll sell my 550 to my friend, now im focusing on the 560 ti. worth it to get 2 gb ? i really want some solid performance in bf3 and any other game 2012 might throw at me.

    Why would you want 560 ti and not HD 7850?

    Tom's Hardware recommends HD 7850 over GTX 570 and 560 Ti, saying that it offers similar performance while being cheaper and using about half of the power.,3107-4.html
  11. HD 7850 over the 560ti if it is in your budget. Better performance and uses less power.
  12. thanks for that great advice. I think il go for the HD 7850
    I found it in my country and this is probably what i will be buying
  13. I'm built my rig to handle BF3 at decent fps. I have a MSI Twin Frozr II, and I run BF3 on High (1920x1080), and it works great. I vote for a minimum of this GPU. I got it at a great price of $195, although I'm sure spending an extra $100 would improve performance but you gotta cut off somewhere. I didn't want to wait for the inevitable Kepler series (probably another couple months for slightly higher price level/boost in performance) vs my Fermi series.

    I bought it over the 7850 cuz the price difference and improvement in 5 fps wasn't worth the money to me.

    Always look for benchmarks. It's a basis.
  14. Also using a Twin Frozr 560Ti. And I disagree about buying more RAM. I've got the 1 gig version and a 1080 monitor. I think the max memory its used was 1005 (I monitor it with MSI Afterburner program). I've got the Ti overclocked to 925-950 depending on my mood. It's super easy to fiddle with the clock speed.

    I play nearly every map in multiplayer and even in metro with nades flying everywhere I sit pretty steadily right now at 50-55 fps. I've seen them around for as low as $180 and high as $220, depending on the rebate that week. Price seems to be all over the place.

    Oh, and I play on the default High settings which I think has some AA as well, but certainly not maxed. Gameplay is smooth and very realistic, to me. When the 660 comes out I'm hoping prices will drop and at that time I plan on SLIing my Ti so I can play it on Ultra.

    The 7850 is also a fine choice. I liked my MSI because it was short, highly overclockable, ran cool, quiet, and had great reviews. The 2GB that you see on the 7850 on that review you linked is clearly the better choice if you intend to run multiple monitors or a higher resolution than 1080. But if you're 1 monitor at 1080 it offers no benefit, according to that article. But honestly, if I was running multiple monitors or a higher rez I would not buy either card, without SLI/Xfire.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Colonel_W_ Kurtz
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