Overclocked SLI gtx 680

Hi everyone :)

Just wondering,
what would happen if i were to SLI and factory overclocked gtx 680. eg, evga ftw 680 4gb
with a non overcloked stock card like the phantom gtx 680 which has stock clocks

would they not work together?

thanks in advance :)
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  1. Well yea they would SLI but the Vram difference would ofset it with the card with the lower vram. Does the Phantom have 4GB or vram?

    I take it your SLI'ing a EVGA OC FTW 4GB model with a Phantom 680 4GB?
  2. yeah theyre both the the 4gb models, but the evga cars is overclocked and the phantom isnt
  3. card*
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