Can u beat it !!!!!

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  1. Gigabyte 7750 1st
    the 7750 can handle BF3 without requiring any external power
    6770 2nd
    6770 is a now a outclassed Graphics card but its still a decent card for low end users
    6750 3rd
    not really worth considering
  2. can u please tell what else make 7750 better than these
  3. psu probleam pal
  4. The HD 7750 and 6770 trade blows in gaming - with the 7750 often coming out on top in DX11 games, and the 6770 winning in most older games. The 7750 draws much less power, and may be better if you like to keep up with new releases.
  5. So you want to upgrade your PSU? To be honest I don't like the gigabyte one.
  6. no i dont want to
  7. What's your old one
  8. can they both run dirt 3 in high settings
    and nfs
    run in low
  9. refillable said:
    What's your old one

    frontech 450w
  10. Dirt 3 and NFS might run in Medium. How much amps are there in the +12V rail?
  11. refillable said:
    Dirt 3 and NFS might run in Medium. How much amps are there in the +12V rail?

    i dont know
  12. Check in your label of your PSU, or put the picture here
  13. ok but is 7750 a good gfx
  14. Here's a chart comparing the HD 7750 to other cards. Look at the chart for your monitor resolution.
  15. OK then go get the 7750. But I suggest other brands.
  16. Yeah go with the Sapphire version.
  17. Yes +1 jessterman21. Pick that as a best answer.
  18. so u all say 7750 over 6770
    and sapphire
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