Gigabyte 7850, P7P55D LE and a ...rubbish PSU

Hi all,

First time poster LONG time reader.

I currently have an (sorry) EZcool 700 watt powering two 5750's.

It's starting to find it hard to cope with top end games. For a little research I discovered that the mobo I'm using (P7P55D LE) only allows roughly 1/3 of the "oomph" from the 2nd card. Meaning I has to be time to upgrade to a better, solo card.

I read the reviews and decided to plump for the 7850 (gigabyte 0C 2gig)

My question is, my mobo can cope with it right? PCI is backwards compatible correct? If it can actually fit it in my case which is another problem as card is a whopping 240 mm (lets not worry about that until it arrives though)


P7P55D LE will work with 7850?
7850 will work with a questionable 700w ezcool psu?

Any help would be graciously received.....

Thanks all
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  1. what fan issues sushant
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