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Hello, I am looking to connect a third monitor to an existing 2 monitor system. I currently have a self-built system with Asus P7P55DE mb, 8 GB memory, i5-760 processor and one GTX460 video. Systems has tons of free disk space, both SSD and conventional. I have two Samsung 213T’s (1600 x 1200) running on the two DVIs off of the GTX460. Currently running XP Pro but fixing to upgrade to W7 Pro. I use the system to troubleshoot my family’s very small network (3 locations and about 12 desktops/laptops total). I do some amateur photo touchup and some very basic video editing. My grandchildren do play some games on the system (SkyRim, Sims and others similar). Right now I normally keep one screen up with an open browser (Team Viewer, LogMeIn, Network Magic) and the other screen with what ever I happen to be doing at the time (Word, Excel, Google Map and Search).

By adding a third Samsung 213T (which I have) I want to then keep one screen up with Network Magic (or similar). Another screen up with Google Search/Map and on the third screen what ever I am working on at the time, i.e. Email, Word, Excel, Photoshop, utilities.

I hope it will be as simple as installing a 2nd video board, connecting the 3rd monitor to it and then set it all up. I have laying around a GeForce 9600 GT with two DVI’s on it, would be nice if that would work. I have read in various forums nightmare stories when going from two monitors to three. As you can see, I don’t need a ton of graphics power, but I do want to be able to play basic games also.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You should be able to do that and since you already have the video card it's something you can try anyway. You just can't put the two cards in SLI because they are different models. If the setup as you want it doesn't work then all you would have to do is get another GTX 460 and connect it up in SLI and then the two cards will be working together and the three monitor setup will work just fine.
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