Should I get a sound card for Gaming??

Just wondering if I should get a sound card or not.

I play alot of games on my pc, watch youtube alot, music, movies etc. and am going to get new headphones soon, Ive heard theres no point in a sound card unless you have good headphones, and these ones are.

here are the headphones:

and here is the sound card I am thinking of getting:

Will there be any difference in sound?? Or will buying a cheaper sound card do the same job??
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  1. The headset is prety good according to most reviews. 9/10 for average. As for the sound card, HUGE nono...

    I would suggest rather looking at an Asus soundcard as they always deliver good performance.

    Please note that you need an open PCI-e x 1 port on your motherboard for this card.

    Also, the headset you have selected has a USB connector which means it has an onboard soundcard built in to produce the sound.

    My suggestion would be to get the headset and try out the USB connector VS the 3.5mm connector in your motherboard to compare. If you find either one satisfactory, do not bother with a soundcard.

    Oh and if would like a review for the Asus.,1.html

    It is all praise...
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