FIRST BUILD help needed, compatibility and dual Boot

Hey guys

I'm new to PC building and I am looking to build my first gaming rig. So far my list of parts include:

Intel i5 2500k
eVGA nVidia GTX 560 TI 
Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard (Rev 1.0)
Corsair 8GB 1600Mhz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance RAM
Seagate Baracoda 1tb
Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2UK Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 High Performance 750W Power Supply
Antec 1200 

Do you think that these parts are suitable and is there any comparability issues that I need to address.? The hug amount of power is because I would like to upgrade in the future and have 2 560tis in sli.  And I would also like to overclock to 4.5ghz. This pc will be used for gaming and also music production, for that reason I would like to dual boot with Windows and Hackintosh, my problem lies with the Hackintosh compatibility and kexts, I think I should be able to because I have a gigabyte motherboard and an i5, but I thought I should check just in case. 

Sorry this is so long but I really need the help, any help will be appreciated, thanks
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  1. Looks fine, that power supply should be enough. Just make sure it has enough power connections available for 2 560 Tis.

    As for going Hckintosh, I can't comment on that.
  2. D'you know of any good aftermarket heatsink fans for my CPU, I was thinking of the Cooler Master V8 but it's quite expensive
  3. Thanks for the reply man big help
  4. The Hyper 212+ should be more than suitable.
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